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An actual patient who received Cosmetic Dentistry treatment from our Maple Ontario practice.

Joseph has been a patient with Dr Gillmore since 1995. Having short, uneven front teeth, Joseph wanted to improve his smile with our cosmetic dentistry in Maple, Ontario. Joseph had a Smile Makeover to whiten and brighten his teeth. ZOOM Whitening was the first step in the process. Joseph whitened his teeth and then had 6 porcelain crowns placed on the front teeth. They made his short teeth look longer, whiter and fresher.

Carol always wanted a beautiful smile. She thought her front teeth were uneven and stained. Starting a new job, she wanted a new look. She looked to Dr Gillmore for advise and after a consultation, proceeded with a Smile Makeover to refresh her smile. Carol had 6 porcelain crowns placed on her upper front teeth, giving her the smile she always wanted. Now Carol can’t stop smiling. Her front teeth looked so amazing that her sister wanted the same smile.

Branko has been seeing Dr Gillmore for almost 10 years. Branko never realized how beautiful front teeth could look. He wanted to improve his smile to gain a more confident and professional smile. Branko started with a ZOOM whitening followed by the placement of 6 porcelain crowns on his front teeth. Branko now feels confident and can’t stop smiling.


‘‘As a patient who has recently completed Invisalign treatment, I will confidently say that I am completely satisfied with my experience and outcome. From the beginning everything was explained to me about the course of treatment and the results that I could expect to see upon completion. My new smile has brought increased confident and functionality which are very important to me. Thank you for taking the time to educate me. I appreciate the knowledge offered and the fact that you have proactively taken the steps to ensure my dental wellness is top priority today and in year to come.

Norm R., Actual Patient

‘‘I love Dr. Gillmore and her staff. Even though I have moved several times over the years, I keep coming back to her and the fantastic staff at Gillmore Medical Dental. I would never dream of going anywhere else. They are amazing and always take the best care of my smile. My sister loved my new smile so much that she came to see Dr. Gillmore for her Smile Makeover. Just like always, she has to copy me! However for this reason it was fantastic to be copied.

Carol, Actual Patient

‘‘At the beginning I was skeptical about the process, not sure I should change what nature gave me. However, as I moved through the process, I began to feel more comfortable. By the time I had my crowns place, I was so happy with the result. I have gained confidence I never had and now I feel great about myself. I show off my teeth to everyone and can’t stop smiling!

Branko, Actual Patient

‘‘Nina Gillmore became our dentist in 1997. Her office operates smoothly, handling patients and dental plans with ease. The dental expertise of both Dr. Gillmore and her hygienists are evident with my husband's dentures and my overall oral health. Even after moving over an hour away, we continue to travel to Maple for the excellent care she provides. At the ages of 69 and 71 we smile with confidence knowing our teeth are healthy and look great!

Roseanne S., Actual Patient

‘‘I love this place, I have been brining my family here for years and would never dream of changing. The girls here are the best and they always respect my time and provide me with exceptional service. I love Stephanie and how she takes care of my teeth!

Joseph, Actual Patient

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