Restorative Dentistry

Missing, chipped, or cracked teeth? We help patients smile again!

Get Back Your Smile!

Do you smile with confidence? There are many reasons people don't want to show off their smile.

Older couple smiling confidently after restorative dentistry treatments
  • Do you have missing, chipped, or cracked teeth?
  • Are old metal fillings distracting from your smile?
  • Do you have headaches, jaw pain, or neck pain?

At Gillmore Medical Dental, we get patients smiling again. Through restorative dental treatments we can replace missing teeth, replace metal fillings, and even help patients with anxiety through sedation dentistry.


Explore Our Restorative Services

We help patients get back their smiles!

Dental implants from our dentistry experts in Maple Ontario can restore your smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent restorations that are anchored into the jaw to replace missing teeth.

They are the most remarkable advancements in dentistry since they provide a natural solution for tooth replacement, greater stability, comfort, and esthetics. You may even forget you had a missing tooth to begin with.



A dental bridge is a great solution for restoring function and beauty to your smile after tooth loss. Porcelain is a durable material and its natural glow and translucency make it a perfect material to mimic tooth enamel.

Dr. Gillmore and her color technicians can custom match the porcelain of the bridge to match the natural coloring of neighboring teeth, blending with your smile.

Dental bridges are a great solution for restoring function to your smile.
Dental crowns are custom made restorations that look just like your natural tooth.


A dental crown is a custom made restoration that is durable, long-lasting, and looks and feels just like a natural tooth. Crowns are a great fix for major tooth damage such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, severe tooth decay, and be used to cap a tooth after root canal or implant treatment.

As your partner of dentistry in Maple, Ontario, crowns are excellent dentistry to protect a tooth from further damage and return aesthetic appeal to your smile.


Metal-Free Fillings

Silver fillings are history.

Repair chips and cracks, fill new cavities and even replace your old silver fillings with durable tooth-coloured metal-free composite fillings.

Nobody will even know you have a filling.

Metal-free fillings repair your smile while keeping it look natural.
Nightguards can help combat the effects of TMJ.


Nightguards are for anyone who experiences symptoms of nighttime clenching or grinding.

These symptoms may include tooth wear, toothaches, headaches, and joint pressure.

If signs are present, Dr. Gillmore and her team may recommend an Bruxeze clear plastic appliance which covers the upper or lower teeth to naturally relieve headaches, joint tenderness, and tension.


Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Gillmore understands visiting the dentist can be a stressful event, and this fear could have been caused by past dental experiences, fear, or general anxiety.

When you visit Dr. Gillmore, her goal is to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Nitrous Oxide sedation can help facilitate this process, you will be awake throughout the appointment, but may not remember much of your appointment at the end.

Sedation Dentistry can help patients with dental anxiety.

Dr. Gilmore and her staff are great. It is a great atmosphere and everyone there is friendly and makes you feel at home. Dr Gilmore explains everything she is doing every step of the way and offers such great advise for dental care.

— Connie G., Actual Patient

Restorative Dentistry Can Bring Back Your Smile

Your perfect smile is closer than you think.

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