Saving Money, Time, & Trouble with Preventative Dentistry.

Dr. Gillmore and her team smile as a team of comprehensive dentistry experts
Dr. Gillmore and her team smile as a team of comprehensive dentistry experts


Comprehensive/Preventative Dentistry is the basic foundation of our dental practice at Gillmore Medical Dental. Preventive Dentistry focuses on taking care of your teeth and smile, treating problems and issues when they are small before they grow into larger worries.

It takes a special kind of doctor, ones like Dr. Gillmore & Dr. Nabawi, to be able to both understand the nuances of an aesthetically appealing smile, while also taking into consideration the life-long health of your teeth, all the while treating the issues before they even happen.

Learn how  Dr. Gillmore’s comprehensive dentistry approach can provide both the look and feel you deserve for a happier, healthier smile.

Regular dental visits can ensure that patients keep their mouths and teeth as clean and healthy as possible. Comprehensive oral exams by Dr. Gillmore and Dr. Nabawi allow us to identify any areas of concern when they are minor issues so that we help our patients reduce their risk for cavities and gum disease.

For example, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a minimum of two dental checkups each year, every 6 months, for professional cleaning from dental professionals who can manage any developing issues. When patients do so, it allows them to help their dentist stop dental disease in its earliest stages, protecting your smile and limiting your expense.

What All Can Comprehensive Dentistry Do For Me?

Comprehensive dental treatments come from an angle of whole health or a holistic approach. When a dental professional looks at oral care in this fashion, they help have a balanced perspective on the effects of your entire body, affecting everything from your mouth, all the way to your heart.  This approach benefits 3 different portions of your smile:

  1. The Aesthetics of Your Smile – The beauty of your smile.
  2. Your Bite Performance – How your bite functions and affects your neck and jaw muscles.
  3. Whole Body Health – The full effects of your smile on your digestion, heart and even reproductive organs

With the understanding that our bodies are all one interconnected high performing organism, they should be treated as such rather than treating one small issue at a time.

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Preventative Dentistry That You Can Practice At Home

Comprehensive and preventative dentistry doesn’t have to be accomplished solely by your dentist. There are a number of at-home strategies that you can and should be practicing to ensure your ultimate oral health and dental care is achieved. Here are just a few:

  • At-home oral hygiene. This is as simple as it seems, you have heard it since you were little. Brush and floss regularly to keep down the build-up of plaque and other issues as a result.
  • Diet. It may not have come to mind, but foods with excessive sugars and carbohydrates will feed the bacteria that produce dental plaque and can cause problems for those trying to maintain good oral health.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking. Aside from merely stopping lung disease, this can also help stop gum cancer and avoid other serious issues.
  • Patient education. A patient who understands the risks involved has a much higher chance of working with their doctor for the best result available.


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“If you are anxious about dentistry and are as fearful as I once was, then do not hesitate to call Dr. Gillmore. I am now a loyal dental patient,  I visit them every 3 months for my routine cleanings and are no longer fearful of dental treatment or my dentist.” ~ Joseph D.

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The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Keeping up with oral health is not a luxury, it is a necessary part of everyone’s health care routine. Dr. Gillmore understands this as and does everything she can to help her patients. Dr. Gillmore truly values the quality of life of her patients and goes out of her way to ensure each and every patient is treated with the care that they not only want but in her opinion, deserve!

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